I am a photo editor. I am a photographer. I currently work for a large newspaper based in Manhattan, but live in Washington, DC.

I have been a reporter, a videographer, a video editor, a book editor, a book designer, a college professor, a teaching assistant, a photo equipment locker manager, a project manager, a mechanical reviewer of masters theses, a graduate admissions coordinator, an IT helpdesk support worker, an audio/visual equipment specialist, a janitor, a resident advisor, a waiter, an electronics salesman, a cookie artist, and - for one week - a lumberyard worker.

 I have lived in Lake Tahoe, Spain, Washington DC, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and South Africa. My accent is non-descript.

I've been very privileged to work with many talented visual communicators as a photographer and editor. Below, a small glimpse into what working with me can be like (your mileage may, of course, vary):

Preston Gannaway
Photographer, San Francisco, CA
I first worked with GKB at the Missouri Photo Workshop and decided then that he is someone I wholeheartedly would love to have alongside any project I'm on. Smart, capable, organized, a fantastic communicator. And his unique, diverse personal history means he's always interesting and a joy to talk with.

Elizabeth Pierson
Photo Editor, New York, NY
Working with Greg is both exciting and rewarding, and I have had the pleasure of working with him in several different situations. Aside from being a total class act, Greg is one of the most patient, fair and devoted photographers I've met. His presence has the rare ability to put both subject and editor at ease, and his work showcases the clear passion he has for photography. We worked together as editors at the Columbia Missourian and he had a remarkable way of communicating with photographers that showed empathy and also demanded respect. Working with him as photographer was equally as fulfilling. His pitches are clear and unique; his ability to get close to his subjects is rare; his technical skills are first rate; and, above all, he understands how to tell a damn good story.

D'Arcy Hyde
Retoucher, Brooklyn, NY
As a photo retoucher who works remotely, I have had the pleasure of working with Greg over the past year on a number of projects for a range of clients. He understands that establishing clear guidelines and a set workflow can be critical for a team’s success.  He communicates exceptionally well, and has always provided me with clear direction, including background information, foundational resources, assets, and anything else required for optimal efficiency and accuracy. We have never missed a deadline thanks to that. I’m repeatedly impressed by Greg’s thorough knowledge of all the different facets of a project, from the technical to the creative. His combination of experience and insight is rare indeed.  And while Greg is well-organized and professional, I also appreciate his sense of humor and his honesty -- two invaluable qualities, in my opinion. He has a knack for keeping morale high even under pressure. â€¨I legitimately look forward to working with Greg on every project, knowing they will go smoothly even when unexpected challenges arise. His intelligence, positivity and kindness inspire me to always bring my best and to enjoy the kind of collaboration necessary to meet a client’s needs.

Ilana Panich-Linsman
Photographer, Austin, TX
Greg hired me to do my first assignment for the Washington Post. He was willing to take a chance on me because he'd done his homework; he knew my work; he assigned a story to me he knew was in my wheelhouse, and one he knew I would be interested in. He was willing to take this chance not only based on research, but he trusted his own eye to choose the right person for the job. I also can speak to Greg's ability to trust the photographer while giving her the tools she needs to get the job done: organization; precise delineation of the scope of a story; and constant, clear communication. 

Yana Paskova
Photographer, New York, NY
Greg is as engaging a photo editor as he is innovative. I’ve always felt encouraged to pursue my personal style while photographing his assignments, which builds tremendous trust between an editor’s and a photographer’s vision. Just as important, Greg seems to care about treating each person he employs with kindness and respect, as a collaborator and human being alike.

Allison Zaucha
Photographer, Annapolis, MD
GKB is truly the best and as real as they get. I met Greg through the mentorship program with NPPA. As a young independent photographer I had found it hard to crack into the networking world of photojournalism. Greg gave me sound feedback, perspective, and critiques that gave me the confidence to shoot better and not be so intimidated by the industry. When appropriate he took the time to introduce me to some wonderful colleagues and he has made invaluable impact on my career.

Mario Wezel
Photographer, Hannover, Germany
The assignments I have been working on with Greg have been incredibly interesting and challenging. Although we are working in different timezones, communication was quick and easy. Greg gave me a great amount of creative freedom and also always had his own thoughts and ideas to the topics that added much to the shoot. He was well prepared and focused although working in a hectic newspaper surrounding. I’m super excited for the next assignments we’ll be working on together.

Earnie Grafton
Photographer, San Diego, CA
I've had the pleasure of working with Greg KB while he was at the Washington Post. In the world of independent photojournalism, finding a photo editor who cares not only about his assignment but about a photographer he's never personally met is rare. Greg is detailed, witty, caring, talented and committed to his work. In our world, he's a gem.

Leonardo Carrizo
Photographer, Columbus, OH
I value his editing skills and sense of visual narrative. I remember working with him at The Kalish workshop during the "decide and defend" discussions. He demonstrated a solid understanding of an image's news value and the added value that composition offers to the narrative. His decisions were always based around how can an image help the engage the audience and make them understand as well as care about the story. I will also note his passion for education and teaching photojournalism and editing to young students. It was a pleasure to have him as a guest lecture in my class. He helped them not only by providing basic theory but also with practical application and examples of the editing process. My students learned a lot from him on that day and we continued the conversation the entire semester.

Brian David Stevens
Photographer, London, England
I look forward to assignments from Greg, he gives you the space for your work to breathe, to explore. His brief will give you the structure you need to be able to build something special and personal. you really can't ask for more

Adam Glanzman
Photographer, Boston, MA
Working with Greg has been an absolute pleasure. He knows how to give strong art direction, and is very open to ideas and working with the photographer to create something that can be fresh and exciting. He is a master at thinking of innovative ways to push a story to its full potential. Greg is very understanding of certain roadblocks that photographers may run into while on assignment, and is ready and able to navigate through tough situations.

David Vaaknin
Photographer, Jerusalem, Israel
I first got to work with Greg while he was the foreign photo editor at the Washington Post and we worked together on a variety of stories before he moved on. His insights and thoughts prior to the assignments taking place, helped me prepare for the story and better understand it, while his comments and feedback afterwards provided a great resource for improving and elevating my craft. On top of being an experienced photographer/videographer and a seasoned photo editor, Greg’s diverse skill-set also includes teaching and reporting. His attention to details, constructive criticism, willingness to help, problem-solving abilities and above all, his candor and great sense of humor made it an absolute pleasure to work with him and made me feel that I can always trust my work in his hands. Greg has opened a lot of doors for me, which I’ll always be grateful for.

Greg Kendall-Ball | Photo Editor

Greg Kendall-Ball is a photo editor and freelance photographer based in Lake Tahoe, CA
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